In April 2017, I was nominated for the Lancelot Thompson Award for the “most student centered person on campus” by 25 students. Some of the comments from students included:

– “Mark actively supports us, the students. He excitedly shows up to class every day to teach and to share his knowledge. He creates personal relationships with his students which makes it easier to go to him if there are any issues or questions. Mark effectively teaches his lectures and I always walk away from class learning something new and have a smile on my face. He deserves this award.”

– “He genuinely cares about his students and wants us to succeed as much as we do.”

“Professor Mark Sherry should receive this award because his main goal is to make sure the students are the top priority. He does everything he can to make sure his students succeed. I look forward to going to his class every week and know that if I ever needed help he would take the time to help me understand. I strongly think that Mark Sherry is one of the most excelling professors at Toledo and deserves to be recognized.

“Mark Sherry should get this award because he is a great teacher and always helps me and the other kids in the class, when we need the help. He loves teaching us and we love to come to class because of him. Mark makes the class fun and exciting and that helps a lot of us with learning. Mark Sherry should get this award because how great he is with his students, he loves to be there to teach us something that he loves as well. He puts the students first and tired to help us understand sociology. I believe that if Mark Sherry was not teaching us it would be a boring class. Knowing I have his class helps me get out of bed on a Monday morning. Just because he helped me love coming to his classes… I don’t think I would like that class as much if he was not the teacher, he really is the best teacher I ever have and hope to take more classes with him.”

“This professor is very student focused, he really cares about us and whether or not we learn the contact. He has a very empathetic personality, and he’s very supportive. Always transmitting a positive vibe and showing love to his students.”

My sociology professor, Mark Sherry, deserves this award because he is the embodiment of “students first”… I took sociology because it was a requirement I needed to fill for my Education degree, so I never would have thought that I love it as much as I do. Mark Sherry makes the learning process so easy, by giving us multiple opportunities to succeed and sharing his humor with the class. He makes topics that I wouldn’t normally be interested in so engaging. He is also a huge inspiration for me. I am studying to be an elementary school teacher, and his attitude towards his students and his job is such an inspiration. I want to love my future students just as much as he does, and I want my students to love me just as much as my class loves Mark. He is truly an incredible teacher, and it shows in every lecture. He deserves this award and even more.”

“Professor Sherry should receive this award because of his love and passion for his students and teaching. I can honestly say that Professor Sherry is the best teacher I have ever had. He makes class fun and enjoyable. Professor Sherry is a wonderful teacher and makes sure he prepares his students for their future academic and social expectations. Professor Sherry shows and proves through his teaching and great attitude that he cares deeply for his students and wants everyone to succeed. He is a wonderful and kind person who cares deeply for his work and does a fantastic job. Professor Sherry makes sure all of his students leave class in a good mood with a positive mind set, ready for their futures and ready to succeed. Professor Sherry is a wonderful mentor and teacher. I wish more professors were like him.”

“He does a great job at making every lecture interesting in some way. I can honestly say that his class is my favorite. It is truly something that I look forward to.”

“Attending Dr.Sherry’s class is the best part of my week. He always serves his students with a knowledgeable and well-designed lesson plan. Dr. Sherry works to make sure his students are well-informed and have all the necessary information to do well in his class. Dr. Sherry deeply cares about his students as he tells us everyday how important we are, and pushes us to succeed in every way. Dr. Sherry has spent time in class allowing group discussions and providing online forums/drop boxes for students that are shy. His office is always open and he encourages for students to talk to him at anytime and he always responds to emails in record time. Dr. Sherry has truly made an impact on my life as a University student. He showed me that professors aren’t just there to lecture, but to truly create a learning experience to enhance learning and make a difference on the way students think about every day problems related to sociology. He is an excellent professor and person! By far, the best professor and possibly staff member I have encountered at the University.”

“I believe that Mark Sherry should receive this award because he is passionate about his students, hard working, and overall an amazing professor. He takes time during lecture to focus on the group overall and on individuals if they have questions or concerns. He puts his lecture together in a way that makes it easy on the students when memorizing materials. For example, his lectures are very graphic, coordinating with the topic and idea, and they are easy to understand. Lastly, he shows that he cares for his students and wants them to succeed with the perfect balance of effort and participation throughout the class.”

“Professor Mark Sherry is the most student-focused professor I have met on the University of Toledo campus. Every single day of class is interactive and exciting. This class is the only one that I feel truly involved and that the professor is here for the students not the research or the money. This professor makes each and every student feel important and loved. He encourages each and every student to follow their dreams no matter how outlandish they are. Choosing Professor Sherry to be my sociology professor was the best decision I made this semester.”

“Mark Sherry always put the students first and makes sure that us as students are learning everything we need to know for the course. He wants students to succeed and have a good college experience in the classroom setting. He is always focused on students and trying to better us! He makes sure that we are prepared for our future. For example, he taught us today about the MCAT that many of the students in his class are going to need to take and what will be on it.”

“Mark is a dedicated professor who cares very deeply about his students. He makes every person feel welcome and competent in the classroom, and gives thoughtful and fantastic lectures. He is a student driven professor.”

“He is a very welcoming, friendly, wholesome professor who always asks about his students. Every day in class he makes genuine conversation with all of his students to see how they are doing, and what they have been up to. He knows ALL of his students on a personal level and would go out of his way for them. He wants be involved in and outside of the classroom with his students. He makes sure that every student is caught up and knows the classroom material and if they don’t he makes a huge effort to help them. He constantly says he wants nothing more than for his students to succeed and that he truly loves his job and all of his students.”

“Mark Sherry has given multiple lectures that has changed the way I view life. There has been times where the whole class of 100+ focused on his personal stories. He has a GREAT way with words and I haven’t been to 1 boring or pointless class and I cannot say that about any other professor. Great professor and an even better MAN.”

“I feel Mark Sherry deserves this award because he is an amazing professor who always puts his students first. He cares about each and every one of us and works hard to remember everyone’s names even though my class has 100 students and he has more classes then just mine. He is a devoted individual who has overcome so much in his life and teaches each of his students that they can do it if they put their mind to it. I feel he will always be one of my favorite professors because I am not just another number to him but a student, a person, trying to make a difference in the world. Please consider Mark Sherry for this award.”

“Truly amazing and dedicated professor. His lectures show how much he cares about every single student, apart from the fact that he is an extremely qualified person! Professor Mark really deserves this.”

“In every class Professor Sherry would always be the happiest person to see and teach our class. He made it a very fun and interactive class, where many teachers try to, but fall short of actually doing. Professor Sherry puts the students learning at the top of his list of things to accomplish. Where I have seen in the past, professors who have the same and or higher levels of education and accomplishments and not care at all about the students. Me, personally I love going to class and the environment that he provides. He does an amazing job at teaching, and you can tell that he really enjoys his job.”

“Mark Sherry is the most genuine caring professor I have had. He cares about his students passing and lets us know of our worth everyday. I can’t think of anyone better for this award.”

“Dr. Sherry cares about his students and he always finds ways to make sure that his students do well in his courses. He also gives motivation and makes his classes fun.”

Mark Sherry is the definition of this award. I honestly couldn’t think of a better person to receive an award that has a philosophy of “Students First”. All he does is put us first. He is amazing. My favorite professor by far. He’s the kind of professor that makes getting up on Mondays not such a horrible thing, because, I know I’m starting my week on Monday morning with him. Therefore, I will be starting my week in a good mood… When I found out I had to take an Intro to Sociology class, I wasn’t thrilled. I thought it sounded boring and I thought it’d be a class that I would always fall asleep. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. He turns what could be a dry subject into the most interesting part of my day… He is EXTREMELY passionate about what he teaches, and it is obvious by the way he talks about his lectures… He is truly a teacher that is all about helping his students. When I tell my friends about him, they all say that they want to take his class in the future. He is adored by every student he has. His lectures are the best part of my week and I want to take all of his classes in the future. The way he teaches his classes and treats his students is by encouraging us daily and giving us the biggest mental hug in our day. Mark Sherry is perfect for this award.”

“I think that Mark Sherry should receive this award because he is always focused on putting the students first in his lectures and his assignments. He makes the classes very interactive with the students and makes the class very enjoyable. I have recommended this class to many of my friends in hopes that they will enjoy him as a professor just as much as I did.”

“Dr. Sherry is worthy of receiving this award because he truly puts his students first. He organized his lectures in a manner that allows the students to absorb the material.”

“Mark Sherry creates a unique environment in the classroom. A combination of comedy, insight, experience, and intelligence makes you forget that you are supposed to be learning. I’ve gathered more knowledge from this course than any of my electives that I have taken here at UT. He truly wants his students to succeed… The only class I look forward to attending every week is his Sociology Introduction. Mark Sherry is a terrific man and I always feel like a star at his show.”


I am humbled by the teaching awards I have been given:

“Outstanding Teacher”, The University of Toledo, 2010.

“Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching”, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Toledo, 2010.

“Master Teacher”, The University of Toledo, 2008 – 2010

Runner-Up, “Best of Toledo: Best Professor”, Toledo City Paper, 2006.

Runner-Up, “Best of Toledo: Best Professor”, Toledo City Paper, 2005.